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More positive news on the economic picture!

More positive news on the economic picture! The latest ADP report on jobs shows the largest jump in 5 months. People going back to work is one of the most important factors for keeping the economy rolling. If you are looking for home prices to continue upwards, this...

Where new construction is booming.

As is the case during any housing boom, many geographies explode with new home construction. Once the ride is over, Home Builders start looking for the next opportunity. So, where are permits for Single Family Residences (SFR's), condos and Townhomes being pulled the...

The Home Purchase Sentiment Index (HPSI) was released.

When looking at the first graph in link below, going all the way back to when the index was created in 2011, it shows a steady increase to an all time high of 92.5 just before the Pandemic. The index, then, shows a steep decline in April of last year when fear of the...

What kind of returns are you looking for from a rental property?

 5,6,7%? 10%? More? How will those percentages change as the property increases or decreases in value? Answer: They wont! At the same time, how great is it when the property does go up in value? The benefit of appreciation, at least on paper, is that it can be used as...

what else makes the monthly mortgage payment go up

Besides the price of the home and taxes, what else makes the monthly mortgage payment go up? Answer: Interest rate. How much less expensive was the monthly payment for the same home you might have been considering a month ago when rates were lower? How much more will...

How much more attractive are mortgage rates today relative to years ago?

How much more attractive are mortgage rates today relative to years ago? The illustration below may put things in perspective as to the opportunity that exists for taking advantage of these historically low levels. Despite being only marginally higher than a month...

Forbearance and Mortgage Protection programs

Washington just extended the Forbearance and Mortgage Protection programs ... once again. There is no question that the administration foresees a major impact on housing prices, if they do not make the extensions. As mentioned, if unemployment continues to improve,...

How affordable housing impacts neighborhoods

When choosing to own property in higher density housing areas, what happens if some neighboring homes get re-zoned commercial or mixed use? If those designations happen, will it have a positive or negative effect on your property? What happens if some units are...

What can set your rental apart from other places?

What are some other areas that can set your rental apart from other places? Hands down, the most important factor is cleanliness! No clutter is next. Professional looking pictures are easy with today's phone technology. Make sure there is plenty of light. As noted in...

Home decorating trends

Do you remember what the home decorating trends were 15 years ago? As a simple example, the trend for interior paint colors were Beige and Brown. Today, the trends have more Greys and Neutrals. There are all kinds of trends that renters or buyers look for as it...

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Real Estate crowdfunding is similar to equity investing since an investor can buy into a property and become a shareholder. Crowdfunding offers investors the ability to become shareholders in a company or in a real estate property.

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If needing to sell, do it while the market is hot!

If needing to sell, do it while the market is hot!

If needing to sell, do it while the market is hot! In September of 2003, in my spare time away from my full time in the Medical world, I began working on a project in the Western part of Maryland. I moved to the area, and purchased a townhome as my primary residence...

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Building a Home while maintaining a full time career

Building a Home while maintaining a full time career

Building a Home while maintaining a full time career In 2001, I began my search for a single family home. In going to a home show, I found a company who would work with individuals to be the general contractor for their own home. The thought of building a home and...

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