We are a real estate consulting firm with a mission to create and navigate investment opportunities for everyone.

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Our professionals have extensive experience and knowledge of real estate markets. We are here to provide a roadmap for achieving financial success by expanding current portfolios or providing assistance with buying an investment property for the first time.
We offer resources in the form of podcasts, forums, blog posts, and videos to investment. We also guide investors on techniques and real estate strategies that help them capture the best deal to maximize their ROI and NOI.

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About Us

Handling Investment Property without any experience or knowledge can be risky. Often new investors face many difficulties that can lead to significant losses. At Optics, we provide an innovative and leading solution to help you mitigate investment risks and provide a safe and secure way to increase the value of your portfolio.

With over millions in completed transactions, we are a unique provider of Real Estate investing strategies that benefit both the seasoned and new investors. Our professionals provide research, analytics, information, and insights to evaluate properties for investors that pose the lowest risks.

We have helped buyers access vetted properties, helping them maintain attractive investment profiles and cash flow potential. The best part of working with us is the potential for investors to treat their property investments more like stock portfolios, by focusing on asset allocation, rather than the hassles of property management.

We work with experienced property managers available to handle operational responsibilities, like tenant relations, day-to-day management, and supervising upgrades. Participating in our programs inflate your chances of success by leveraging the knowledge and skills of our network of experts. Optics works hard to bring together real estate professionals, attorneys, financial advisors, property managers, and everyone in between to gain the knowledge and expertise needed to reach maximum investment goals.

Jeff Davis

Jeff Davis has called Central Florida home for most of his life. From 2005-2010 he worked for the Ginn Development Company and was part of the initial real estate team on the ground at Reunion Resort. He also had the opportunity to work with Ginn on investment properties in Naples FL, Palm Coast FL, Port St. Lucie FL, South Carolina, North Carolina and the Bahamas.

From 2010 – present, Jeff has focused on investment homes and vacation homes in the Central Florida region. In this 10 year span, Jeff is responsible for over $250,000,000 in sales. He currently works under Top Villas – which is a world wide Marketing firm that attracts renters directly to the Disney area resorts to help supplement the investment homes he sells.

With his knowledge of the area and his relationships with local rental managers, contractors, and additional key people crucial to running a successful rental home, Jeff is an invaluable asset to anyone looking to invest in the perfect Central Florida property.

Cort Mendez

Cort began investing in Real Estate back in 1991, by purchasing a home that became a rental property. Through the years, he has passively bought, sold and still holds many properties while maintaining his career in completely separate industries. The success of his portfolio helped him understand how generating passive income in Real Estate, while building value in those properties, is an effective pathway towards building wealth. Being interested in adding more properties, Cort utilized the vast amount of resources available to him by structuring many purchases in non traditional ways.

Today, he is fully aware of the timing, buying, selling, and tax strategies to maximize the return on investment. His current holdings include multiple Single-Family homes, land, condominiums, and commercial real estate. His knowledge from various specialties, financing vehicles, trends, and economic patterns across the country are now shared on a full time basis with the Optics investment community.

Frank O’Connor

Frank O’Connor has been practicing Commercial Real Estate brokerage for 33 years. He is currently managing partner of NAI the Dunham Group in Portland, Maine. In his expansive time in Commercial, he has represented both Buyers and Sellers in the purchase and sale of Hundreds of commercial investment properties . Frank’s ability to analyze the potential returns from any type of property has been instrumental in building his reputation as one of the most respected and effective brokers in New England. He holds the prestigious CCIM and SIOR designations. His knowledge and skillsets are a true asset to Optics!

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